Free Animated Signatures


How to insert email signatures in Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird

To insert an animated signature in Thunderbird, click on 'Write'.

In Options > Format make sure that any of the HTML options are selected.

Select any of the HTML options

1. Compose a new mail in the normal way.

2. Place your cursor where you would like your sig to appear.

3. then in the toolbar click on 'Insert' > 'image' icon icon.

Insert image

1. Click on Chose File.
2. Locate and select your Mailsig signature file.
3. For ease of use just click the 'Don't use alternative text' option.
4. OK to insert the sig.

Select and insert signature file

PLEASE NOTE At this point the inserted signature WILL NOT ANIMATE, only the first frame of the animation will be displayed (this is normal),

Click on send and thats it, the recipient will receive the animation in full (don't believe us.... CC yourself a copy and see!