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Animated signature sample

Download this sample

If you are not sure if you will be able to use an animated signature, simply download this sample sig and try for yourself using which ever email client you want.

To download right click in the box above and 'Save Picture As', image must be saved as a GIF filetype not as a Bitmap or anything else*.

Then configure with the instructions shown here


*If you are unable to save the image as a .gif file and are only given the .bmp option, you will need to clear the cached files in your PC, please follow the steps shown below:

In your Browser go to 'Tools' > 'Internet Options'

Select the 'General' tab

Under the 'Temporary Internet Files' select 'Delete Files' then 'Delete All Offline content'

Close and restart you bowser, you should now be able to save the image as a .gif file