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The section ahead is designed to be slightly amusing and hopefully humor you, we DO NOT collect your email address to sell or use for any type of marketing, BUT as the old adage says, "Nothing in life is free", We receive more free signature requests per day than we can make so, in order to try and get yourself a FREE signature you will need to first find the damn order form and then make the signature maker happy by way of a funny joke or witticism.


If your are:
1. Under 18 years old
2. Easily irritable
3. Short tempered
4. Not in possession of funny a joke
5. Only know jokes for 5 year olds
6. Not particularly in a good mood
7. Not interested in all this crap

Please navigate away from this site now !

It's not for you. Please get your free stuff elsewhere. Buy one it's much easier

Okay maybe I'll give it a try !