Custom made personal animated email signatures

Free Animated Signatures


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What does a FREE signature look like?

Free Signature FREE sigs look like this >  
Max 5 characters
Blue Arial font
standard hand
mailsigs URL watermark

How can I get one?

If you want it FREE read the rest of these faq's first. If you want something special click here!

Why is it free?

Because we are nice, and want to tempt you into buying a custom made super duper one!

Whats the difference between a FREE sig and a custom one?

hand signature

FREE sigs can only have a maximum of 5 characters, it will be blue and is written with the standard writing hand.
Custom sigs are better in quality and many more options are available
more info

Will it work with my email client ?

Probably, if you can insert (not attach) any kind of image in your email, then you can use the sig.
First go here and dowload a sample.
Then visit the instructions pages to see if your email client is listed, if not all you need to do is google it and play with the sample signature.

Does it cost anything?

Basic email sigs are FREE!
depending on how you pay custom made ones cost:

Credit cards CREDIT CARDS (WORLDWIDE) US Dollar $8 (USD) GB Pound £5 (GBP)
Paypal PAYPAL (WORLDWIDE) US Dollar $8 (USD) GB Pound £5 (GBP)
Google Checkout™ GOOGLE Checkout™ (UK customers only) GB Pound £5 (GBP)
UKBACS payment BACS payment (UK customers only) GB Pound £5 (GBP)

Is it possible to have one with more than 5 characters?

Yes, but you will have to pay for it more info

Can I have one with a font/size/colour that I specify?

Yes, but you will have to pay for it more info

If it's FREE why should I pay for one?

That's true!.... ohh please buy one!

Can I trust this site ?

We have been around since 2002 and have been making sigs since course you can, check out 'About us'in the top menu for more info !

What about something really special ?

If you have a special requirement ie. specific font, writer, background colour, images etc infact anything at all, Please give explicit and specific instruction on exactly what you require. We will try our best to do it for you, just tell us what you are looking for in the form below and we will come back to you with an answer and a price.

Can I make these sigs myself?

Sure you can!

I want a proper one and will pay, take me to the order form!

How can I get a FREE one for myself?

I have placed the order and have not got a response!

Check you SPAM folder, if nothing there, email us on 'orders©

I have placed the order and got my order confirmation, How can I pay for it now?

Just follow the instructions in the confirmation email, if you still have problems email us for assistance.

I have paid but have not got anything yet, whats up?

Please send us an email quoting your order code and the date you made the payment (please use the same email address as used when you placed the order).

How will I receive my sig?

You will receive it as an attachment to the email address supplied in the order form.

How do I use it when I have it?

What file format is the animated signature?

For maximum compatibility all sigs are made as an animated gif file.

I need help or need to ask a question?

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