About us

First off, if you have clicked this link, you are here either because you are worried about placing an order and parting with your hard earned cash with what may be an unscrupulous fly-by-night website for a product you may never get or you are wondering how to get something FREE, so lets deal with these in order.

Can you trust this site ?

Yes you can !

We have been around since 2002 doing what we do and giving out free stuff, don’t believe us ? check out :

If you are here looking for free signatures, read on…..

Giving away free sigs in all that time, but we got so many requests that we found we had no time to do any other things in life such as eat !

So back in about 2004 we introduced a hurdle for all you ‘wanna get free stuff’ people and requested that you would have to in fact do something and actually earn getting something free, and what did we introduce to make it so difficult…….. a joke, that’s right, all we asked for was for you to tell us a joke, the way we saw it was that if you have the power to make someone smile, well then you deserved something for nothing.

Of course we wanted to also tempt you into buying one, how else would we pay for keeping the free service alive, in any case, the free sig requests dropped off sharply, which was good as our signature makers were getting very weak due to lack of nutrition,,, at last, they had time to eat once again, within a short while it seems that people had lost imagination and the world got saturated with jokes with the words chicken or road in them, that was it……..we had to add further hurdle.

The current incarnation of the free signature section of this site now demands that the joke be funny, how dare we !

If you read to this point, then well done to you, hope we did not bore you too much, it’s just that we needed an ‘About Us’ page, and really did not know what to put in here as there is not much about us that you cant tell from our web URL… we make signatures!